State-of-the-art equipment and technology is used in all of our operations. The proprietary processes and much of the equipment in use were developed to our specifications for high volume production of custom products. Our experience and insights into productivity are often used as a model for the industry.

State-of-the-art EquipmentModular StructureThe modular structure in our operations leads to easy scalability and District has the financial resources to grow as quickly as necessary. We have added equipment for increased volume and new product lines every year. Our capacity and breadth of product assortment is unmatched. We meticulously plan for volume and product growth each quarter and are ready to exceed expectations on how quickly custom orders can be back in our customers’ hands.

Our IT systems are market leading and constantly monitored to insure that our partners work is problem free from the moment of arrival until shipment. The order management system we developed leads to easy integration and order tracking. Our systems allow for enormous automation and are a key to delivering high volume variable data products quickly and cost effectively. We work hard to constantly improve and learn from each production peak to improve our systems. Our team likes a challenge and can build systems to take on any business opportunity.

District has self-supporting facilities with 24 hour in-house maintenance trained by our equipment manufacturers and a full replacement parts inventory on-site. This leads quick resolution of any issues and increased production capability.